Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well, tonight was interesting. There was a pumpkin on my window seat (I finally moved it over so I could sit in the window) that was blinking and Mom & Dad were outside!! *sigh* I wish I could go outside. All these beans with their small beans kept coming up the driveway and to our door where Mom & Dad were sitting. And they all had funny fur! Even Mom & Dad-- and when the little beans came up, they were carrying bags that they opened & Mom & Dad put stuff in them!

I wonder....would that work for me? If I could get outside and just go up to people, would they give me treats?

And too bad I don't know where Mom put the flashy box-- I could've gotten back at her for the embarrasin' picture from the other day. *sigh* oooooo! she's sitting on the couch...snuggle time!!

Happy Halloween, efurryone!

Happy Halloween!

Here are some strange kitties that showed up at my house a couple weeks ago...

I had to check them out.......

nope..it's not a real-live kitty.

Anybody want a fortune told? Oh, it's a witch-kitty?

This one is shy and just stays on the stair corner

This one I'm not sure about...I think it's in cahoots with the strange kitty from the party a few months ago..

What's this trick-or-treat thing I keep hearing about?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Surgery = Presents!

Sorry I haven't been around-- I've been reading blogs, but not in the mood to blog. I was recovering from surgery last week (what am I now? am I still a guy?) and Mom said I was overdue cuz I've been acting horny lately. What does she mean by that? I'm a cat, I don't have horns, I have paws & fur! Silly humans. But now I'm feeling like myself again. But I guess I'm pretty healthy, according to the V.E.T. (I really don't like that place now!)-- and I'm 7 pounds, 10 ounces (or I was when they weighed me) and I'll be 8 months old this Saturday (Nov. 4).

Anyway........George (from the Crew) is gonna be jealous-- I got a new litterbox!! Mom says it's cuz I've gotten big and the dome was getting too short for me. Oh..and she wanted to keep an eye on me last week before she got the new one. But I got it yesterday.

Here I am checking it out- Mom says she likes this better, the liner is actually easier to put in than my other one- there's clips to slip the edge of the liner into so it stays put.

Mooooooom! Sheesh, can't a guy go in peace? It's not finished yet? So what? I gotta go!
(I just love jumping in fresh litter)

Ssooooo much better than newspaper!

This makes a good hiding place!
(don't worry, Mom scooped it out before I sat there)

This is what it looks like put together. The steps are s'posed to help with keeping litter off the floor around my litterbox..but that's only if I use them- I can still hop out!

I have lots more pictures to post and get efurrybody caught up on- but now that I'm feeling better that shouldn't be too hard. Oh- and this weird thing called "Halloween".

On another note- I think I like the beta blogger (thanks for the help, DaisyMae!) and Picasa works with it, too! It'll let you change the size of your photos each time-- but it makes you login each time, too. So if you notice anything funny, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Yay! Pictures are loading again! Here's one of me sitting in a window at Gran'ma's apartment.

And here's me'n'Henry

Here we are again- if you look close, you can see dark stripes on him, so he's a sorta tabby and not all gray (or click on the picture for a bigger image)

Now that it's working again- more pictures will be posted later this week. Gotta go chase the raindrops on the windows!!!

Oh- has anyone switched to the new beta thingy?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ordeal over

Mom's trying to post pictures, but the computer won't cooperate. Picasa is furry furry slow and then there's something at the bottom saying a LAN cable is unplugged, but she's checked efurrywhere and nothing's unplugged! She thinks that might be the problem. Or is it that new beta-thing that blogger wants us to switch over? Has anyone done that yet? Is it better?

Anyway-- when I was back home that Sunday (Oct. 1), I was so excited, I ran around checking efurrything out. And then I slept all night. First on Mom's lap. Then the floor. Then Dad's lap. Then the floor. Then Mom's lap. Then Dad's lap. Then my blanket on the couch. Then the floor. Then the bed. Then it was the next day. Dad came home from work first and I greeted him with purrs'n'stuff, he seemed really pleased and did some hugging & petting, too. Mom came home later and I met her at the door with purrs and leg-rubbing.

Then I got presents!!!! I got a new floor mat for my food dishes and a catnip toy (Mom has it in the closet until she can figure out where to hang it). And...a....hat. -- more on that later.
Ohhhhh and one other thing about Gran'ma -- she's a 'nip enabler!!!! A couple times she would spread some catnip on the floor and Henry'n'me would roll alll over! *fond sighhhhhhhhhhh*
And Mom'n'Dad have been talking about getting me fixed next week. What do they mean by that? I don't need to be fixed, I'm a cat!!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Ordeal

Day 1:
Strange stuff going on. The red boxes are getting stuffed with clothes and....oh, goody! Car ride! A bit suspicious because the carrier (aka prisoner transport system or pts) is in the car-- the car is stopped. Oh, no! I don't want to go in the carrier, we're at the "Pet-smart" place-- bad stuff happens there! Sure enough, I was taken to a strange room where this person CUT MY CLAWS!!!! I tried huddling, but they pulled me out...so I just worked with looking scared. Strangely, that's all that happened this time- no shots!! Yay!! Then we went back to the car and home. And THEN-- MOM STARTED PACKING ALL MY STUFF!!!! All my toys got put in a box and my food dishes and then my litter box! And then we took a really really really long car ride. It was fun at first, then I started getting anxious and then we parked in some strange place and Mom took some of my stuff and left me alone in the car. She put the car right under a tree, though, so I got to watch the birds. Finally, she came out and got me and stuffed me in the pts and went into a new place filled with strange smells. Mom put me in a small room that had all my stuff set up in it and opened the door to the pts and let me out. I slowly came out, checked the food dishes and went under the bed. Mom and the strange lady (whom I now know is Gran'ma) shut the door and left me alone. That was ok for a while, then I got tired of being shut up and started to meowing to let them know. Mom let me out and I got to explore this place! (gran'ma's apartment)-- it's smaller than home, but I love the windows! They're even with the ground so everything's at eye level. I went sniffing and 'sploring and feeling more comfortable and then it happened. Mom left me there! (aka, I was abandoned). I was so shocked I didn't know what to do, I went back to my room and moped the rest of the night. The strange lady came in and I hissed at her- this was MY room now cuz all my stuff was in it.
Day 2:
There's another cat in here, I can smell him efurrywhere. The strange lady, who told me she's my Gran'ma, let me out for the whole day cuz the other kitty had to go someplace.
Day 3:
The other kitty's back. Gran'ma lets me out for a while, then shuts me in my room and lets the other kitty out. We've been sniffing each other all ofur the apartment and doing the sniffing-paw thing at the doors, but we haven't met yet.
Day 4:
Gran'ma opened the door and we saw each other! We hissed'n'growled. *sigh* She closed the door.
Day 5:
She opened the door again and we saw each other and fought for 5 hours!! There was a lot of chasing, hissing & growling and in the end we were too tired. I was under a table panting and he was under a chair panting. So we called it a draw. His name is Henry and he's gray. But if you look closely he's a tabby like me, he's got dark gray stripes that you can see if the light's right. Oh, and Gran'ma also told us that we're brofurs.
Day 6-?:
We're bestest buds now. We play all day long and have competitions'n'stuff. Like eating-- he starts eating, so I do, and then we see who gets stuffed first (that's the loser-- the winner is the one who eats the most). And he grooms my hard-to-reach places and I groom his hard-to-reach places and we sleep on Gran'ma together. And I taught him to jump on the counter-- Gran'ma's place sure is different than home! At home, I have to jump on the counter cuz that's where the window is. Turns out at Gran'ma's there's just a wall...but since I jumped up there, so did he. After many nappings'n'stuff, this strange lady came in-- her voice sounded funny and she kept making weird noises into a white cloth at her face (those are fun to play with, too!). She also had a camera with her-- here's a picture of me 'n' Henry at the window. If you look closely, you can kinda see his dark stripes. um..well...having posting problems, will try the picture later. And she kept calling me "baby"...her voice sounded kinda familiar. Then my stuff got packed up and I was taken to another car. And we took off. I was meowing loudly to let this lady know that I didn't like being taken from my brofu and I had been purfectly happy at that place! This went on for a while..then I started sniffing the car. I knew this! Then I remembered-- this was Mom!! I was so happy!! I sat in her lap purring the whole trip and stood up for the occasional face lick. The ride was taking fur-ever, I just couldn't wait to get home..and then I didn't feel so good. I got up and went to the back on Mom's poncho and...had an accident. It was really stinky in the car! Luckily, we were only 2 minutes from home, but she didn't blame me for it. oops...I will have to finish this later!


Hey efurrybody, I'm back! And my teeth are all grown in, so I can talk normal again! Sorry it took so long to post, but there was a problem with the internet connection and it was SLOW and the phone wouldn't ring when people called, just a busy signal. (turns out someone had left a phone off the hook-- why did they look at me?? Why do they just assume that because there's a nice, dangly cord thingy hanging that I'm the one who did it?)