Sunday, November 04, 2007


Hi Efurryone!

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I last posted, it's been a very hectic spring/summer/fall.

Dad lost his job in May and Mom's been way stressed out with efurrything being on her paycheck and worrying about paying all the bills and just not up to updating my stuff (although I tried, I really did! But she hasn't been all that interested in getting on the computer when she's home these past few months). Good news is Dad got a new job (it'll be 1 month this Friday) so they're both a bit happier now, Mom especially. She says she feels lighter now-- I'm not sure what she means, she doesn't look any lighter!-- like a burden's been lifted from her shoulders (but there's been nothing but air on them!)

Anyway, hopefully now she'll sit down when I tell her to and I can update my days.

Speaking of...there were A LOT of humans here last night! Mom was decorating the house with these white things, really neat to watch her doing and then she and Dad put on funny fur and then all the humans came over! (BUT NO LITTLE ONES! YAY!) There was lots of food and noise. Somebody was killed and they all had to figure out who-- they were accusing each other, but there was a lot of laughing going on, too-- kind of strange they were laughing so much when discussing something so serious! I went through and inspected all of them, but didn't smell anything bad like blood or anything, so I just took a nap (where I could keep an eye on efurrybody)and ignored them. Turns out DAD was the killer! Who'da thunk it? But no police came and they were all laughing and stuff. Strange humans.

But the good thing is I found my missing 'nip toys when Mom was cleaning yesterday.

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Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Nemo! We hopes yoo's doing good. Happy Fanksgiving :)
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi