Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nemo update

Nemo is at his grandmeow's and is missing Mom & Dad. Last update from grandmeow (his Dad's mom) is that he was sitting in her room on his blanket (from our house) cuddling his Bear and looking pitiful. Thankfully, he's not refusing to eat or anything like that, just moping right now. He had a really big day and will probably tell all his friends about it when he gets back.

First we went to PetSmart and got his nails trimmed and then he got some catnip for his toys (he tried to get in the catnip during the car trip) and some Feline Greenies that he loves.

He did really well in the car trip, mostly sat in the back window watching cars go by. Then he got a little anxious (it was a 45min drive) and moved up front to sit in the seat; batted at the rain on the window, did some nuzzling, then moved to the back window again. He only meowed one time the whole trip. Then at "Grandma's", we set up all his stuff in a room and then moved him in. We kept him in that room while we ate late lunch and then heard him meowing and opened the door to let him explore her apartment. Grandma's cat (one of his littermates) was kept in a separate room the whole time (he gets the snip-operation tommorrow). And Nemo seemed to be getting a bit more comfortable-- he certainly likes her windows! Her apartment is on the bottom floor so her windows are even with the ground. She let Henry (her cat) out later, but kept Nemo shut in his room, so they have sniffed each other's scent in the apartment, but it will probably be Saturday or Sunday before they meet, seeing as Henry is having surgery tommorrow. We did some cuddling and then waved bye.

We're missing him already! It was strange packing tonight without the little guy running around in everything. We will be picking him up and bringing him home sometime on Oct. 1. So, no posting until then! Nemo will be doing a LOT of catching up on blogging when he gets back.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

going away

They're going away and leaving me behind! I tried being exthra affecx..affecth..exthra nith, rubbing the legth and purring lot'th! But they're sthill leaving.

Mom tried to butter me up when sthe told me I'd be taking a long car trip tommorrow. I'm going to be sthaying at Grandma'th while Mom & Dad are gone. Sthe thaid there will be another kitty fur me to play with-- that he ith one of my brofurth. (I'm not sure I remember him..I wath really little when I decided to stay with Mom & Dad). And all of my sthuff will be going, too...I'm glad-- I don't think I could sthand it without Bear!!

And maybe I'll be able to talk again when they get back! I'll try to do a quick potht tommorrow before I leave-- stho I can find out how long I'll be gone.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

thomthing's up

Thomthing'th up around here. There are weird boxeth thitting out and Mom and Dad are putting their clothesth in them. Aand...I overheard them thaying thomthing about "having to leave our baby behind at Grandma'th" -- I had to run around the housth at that to confirm, and I didn't find any blurpy thing anywhere, tho I think they were talking about me!
And juth now- before I could log in here, Mom wath uthing the computer and printing out thomthing called directsthons and then thith thingy bethide the computer stharted sthpitting out paper! I gotta find out whath going on!!

But athide from that, I learned how to drink from the bathroom think! I thusht have to figure how to make the pickthure bigger...but here I am inthpecting the dithwather. (I can't wait until I can talk regular again!!)

What a good thummer day......

Did ya have to turn on the light?

Sunday, September 10, 2006


My teefth are growing in! See, in the pickthure below...

My top teefth are growing, too, they juth don't thow up...I will be tho glad when they're done growing- it will be nithe to talk again!! Ith hard to talk properly wif only teefth half grown.

Dad ith gone thith weekend, tho I've had Mom ALL to mythelf! When thee got home yethterday afternoon, we turned on the thurround thound and put Sthar Warth in the DVD player! That wath stho cool!! While it wath playing, Mom wath cleaning (hehe, Dad will be thurprithed when he getth home tonight-- sthee thru away loth of sthuff!) and I helped her! I liked the lath movie befth becuz it had the mothst flathy thingth to cthathe on the sthcreen! But it wuz late then and I napped on Momth lap-- then I got woked up by blurpy thingth!! I got up and glared at the tv, but Mom thayth they're important blurpy thingth. I don't care-- I DON'T like blurpy thingth!!But Mom sthayth I haven't stheen nothin yet cuz we'll watch the original trilogy today while finithing cleaning.

Oh-- and thanthks Unca John for the purty crawl thingy!! (Mom hath sthinth put it up where I can't get to it)