Sunday, July 30, 2006

Invasion! (led by Moses' blurpy thing)

We were invaded yesterday! The day had been going along normally until the afternoon. That's what it started to get strange. My turbo-scratcher, feather toys and the big chair got moved into a corner of the living room and then new things came and got put in the room.

Then Dad picked up these funny-smelling things, put them to his mouth and blew them up! They were funny-shaped balls and fun to bat around. It would float in the air and I hit it with my paws and chase it and even picked it up in my mouth! Then it got stuck on the stairs and I went to pick it up again and it rolled and I bit down and there was a loud boom and it disappeared!

Then the door banged and Gran'ma came in (she 'dopted one of my brofurs) and her bag smelled good! Here I am inspectin' it.

It smelled like catnip, but there wasn't any in it.

And then.....the INVASION started! It was awful!

First came Moses' Mom and Dad.

That wasn't too bad, but then they took the blurpy thing out and let it go free! And then they brought it up to me to sniff, but it started smiling and grabbing me. If that wasn't bad enough, they got the feather toy to show off my athleticism (it was feathers, I couldn't resist) and the blurpy thing started making weird noises. They said it was laughing. Every time I ran by it, it laughed. Good thing it couldn't actually move, it just lay there on the floor wiggling.
It was pure torture, too and I let my displeasure be known. For the furst time ever, I moaned & growled!! (all I did at the v.e.t. was a tiny hiss).
And you should have smelled the blurpy thing! eeeyyyuuuuu! Hasn't someone given it odor-control litter? I love my Fresh Step (it's fun to play in, too)
And the stuff coming out of it's mouth-- disgusting, a dog! (hmmm...any relation?)
I made sure to stay on the far end of the room from the blurpy thing, but they kept carrying it around so it would make those funny noises when it saw me.

Then the invasion continued and more humans arrived! My offur Gran'ma and Gran'pa-- from Catawba (They're owned by 3 kitties) and they brought food with them. And more humans kept coming! Mom told me I could go upstairs on the bed, but there was too many people! She got Bear and then picked me up and took me upstairs (why go myself when I can get carried?) where it was quiet. I sat up for a while listening to all the noise and finally took a nap with Bear.

- All the people. Mom's in the white shirt.
- the horrid blurpy thing, but Moses' Mom and Dad were okay.

Turns out it was a party for Mom's birthday.

It seemed like furr-ever, but finally the humans started leaving until only me, Mom, Dad, Moses' Mom & Dad and the blurpy thing were left. I decided it was safe to come downstairs. They all started playing something called, "Imagine If"-- and I kept hearing my name during it!
Luckily, the blurpy thing stayed in Moses' Mom's lap so it was safe for me to play with my stuff.

And, I discovered I like cake icing. And cantelope!

I'll post more about it later, but I'm still worn out from yesterday. And today I got another dose of Frontline, so I've been scratching off a coupla dead fleas. But I also got something new! Mom got me a treat called, Cat Greenies-- fish-flavored!! yummyyy!!!!

I don't think I like blurpy things.

So I took it out on the monkey.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Today was Mom's purrfday and Dad and I were busy. Dad came home from work and we took a car ride!! We picked up Mom's present and then went through a car wash! That was not fun!! It was loud and noisy and dark. Big flappers hitting the windows and the big roller at the end. I was so glad when it was over! Then we waited and waited for Mom to come home from work.

See the purrty peach flowers Dad got. He said they're roses.

They smell nice, too!

I'm not eating it! I'm it...the leaf fell out.

This is Mom's other present. A funny monkey.

It's made of the same stuff as Bear and the soft plushy cover on Mom & Dad's's yummy. hmmm...that looks good next to, I can't resist..velour(?)

Mom says thanks for all the purrfday wishes!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm so glad my bear came back, I luv my bear!! uh oh, I gotta make this quick-- it's thunder-rumbling again- I'm not allowed on the computer when it's rumbling and flashing.

Here I am bringing Bear back to my corner of the couch.

Then I hafta "ignore" him as punishment for going missing for so long, he has to learn to behave.

I missed you, Bear! Don't disappear again, I was worried about you!

I'll try to think up a song for Derby's challenge, but I don't know that many tunes, can I sing one 'bout my Mom? Would that be ok? Her purfday's tommorrow (friday)!

Lotta rumbling and flashing going on, so will have to wait til later to get back on the computer.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yay! I found my bear!!!

Ok, Dad actually found it when he wuz pulling laundry from under the bed. I forgot it was there!
We had a happy reunion last night and now I don't let him out of my sight, I've been carrying Bear around everywhere I go so I don't lose him again. It was really lonely the past week without Bear to play with, I'm glad Dad found him.

Now that I have him back again I can relax and work on Derby's song challenge.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

yucky weather

What happened to the weather? It was soooo nice and COOL on Sunday!! It was in the 70s and the humidity was gone and it was sunny and nice.

Now....the humidity's back. and it's s'posed to rain again. yuck.

the girl with the case came back again last night! Mom didn't load the pic from the camera yet, so I hafta wait 'til she gets home from work today.

now for bad news-- I lost my bear!! I was playing with it last week and it disappeared. I can't remember where I left it and I've been looking all over the place!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cool down

It's been furry hot & humid all week long and the a/c has been on, but it's still been muggy in the house and then....

I found a new way to stay cool this week-- the fridgerator!!

I don't wanna come out, I like it in here!

do I hafta come out? pleeeease can I stay in here?

hey, why does the light go out when you close the door?

ok, ok, I'm coming...sheesh!

I'll just mess up your camera shot, Mom.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

strangers came back

Here I am, bunny-watching (if you click on the picture for a bigger image, you'll be able to see it better)

The bunny is the little brown spot on the right side of the picture (where my head is pointing in the picture on the right)

Here's a close-up of it!

And the strangers that were here last week came back yesterday!! The man stayed outside reading a book this time, but the girl with case went with Mom in the noise-maker room. And those sounds came from there again! The door was closed so I couldn't investigate and don't know what was making those sounds, so I just stood watch in the hallway. After a while, Mom and the girl-with-the-case came out again and she and the Man left.

This is the case the girl brings with her.

Monday, July 17, 2006

"complete" litter box

This is what my litter box looks like when it's all put together. Mom says it's called a "Booda Dome", whatever that means. I just like to jump in the fresh litter and mess around so Mom has to scoop it off the floor before she puts the lid on. And the white thingy is an "odor fan"- I like to chew on the cord. Sometimes I"ll even unplug it and then it swings back'n'forth in the air- even more fun!

But what's even better -- it's huge fun for sneak attacks!!

Sunday chores

Helping clean my litter box

Inspecting the litter-locker

wow, that's a lotta poop! looks like it's full- time to empty it in the garbage.
all that's from li'l ol' me?

inspecting the fresh litter....smells good!

now the dirty stuff is done-- lunchtime!

What's the next chore?

Hi Dad!!

trimming the hedges...

don't forget the ones on the other side!

Man, that was hot work! Dad and I had a long, cool drink after trimming the hedges. Then I helped Momma with the the loud carpet monster. (ok, I watched from a safe distance)

Man, that was a lot of work today, I'm bushed.

Friday, July 14, 2006

not feeling good

I got taken to the bad place last night -- called "Petsmart". I don't like that place- every time I get taken there stuff happens.

I get prodded and poked. The V-E-T person just picks me up and looks at my ears'n'stuff....but then she leaves. Then the bad stuff happens.

I tried to hide under Momma's shirt so the other two wouldn't be able to get me, but they found me.....I hissed! But they just smiled and poured yellow yucky-stuff in my mouth. I spit it out the first time. Then they did it again, but some of it dripped onto my legs, which they wiped off. I tried to go back in my kennel cuz I thought they were done, but they stuck something sharp in my leg! TWICE! I don't have rabies, why do I need a shot?? And they still weren't done!! Then they put some wet, smelly stuff on my head (they said it's for fleas).

I crawled back into my kennel and huddled in the back. Momma tried giving me my bear, but it didn't help.

We started to leave, but then she went into this new room! There was a big person with a nice voice and she picked me up-- but I was quiet cuz I could smell woofers! There was also a woofer in the room, but it didn't see me. The big lady- grabbed my paws and she clipped my nails! I was so shocked I couldn't do anything (although it didn't hurt). Then I was put back in my kennel and the lady said she would watch me and Momma left!! It seemed like she was gone fur-ever but she finally came back and said we could go cuz everything was paid for. She also said it was the last time I'd have to go there, that I'm done until next year. yay! That's next year I'll hide or something..I have time to plan.

I let Momma know I wanted to go home but I guess we could only go so fast. Finally we were home and she had a treat for me cuz I was a good kitty (good..more like petrified!). Something called "Pounce"...tuna flavored. She put some in my food dish....but I didn't eat it until later that night when I was feeling better.

hmm...I have to remember the "poor, scared face" -- guilt is good!!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Strangers came to my house last night. 2 humans - a big tall man and a smaller one (a girl) carrying a black case. I immediately started the inspection -- they smelled ok, lotsa different scents, but definitely animal people.

The tall man sat down in Dad's chair and read a book the whole time while the girl and Momma went into the room with the noisemakers and closed the door.

Strange sounds came out of the noisemaker room. Sorta like the sounds when Dad is sitting at the thing with the black & white buttons and his fingers press them, but different-- higher pitched and..just...different.

Since I couldn't go in there and observe, I decided to stay in the living room and keep an eye on the strange man. I wasn't quite sure what to make of him so I sat quietly on the foot-rest and watched him the whole time. He just sat there and read a book. He didn't seem to mind it when I nibbled at his shoelaces and he even pet me once! But it was really nerve-wracking.

I was so relieved when Momma finally came back! She seemed surprised that I "behaved" - whatever that means. She talked with the man for a few minutes and then the man and the girl left.

Whew! All that watching was nerve-wracking so I had to release it somehow. "Spaz-kitty" made an appearance after that. *grins*

wait a minute- I just remembered...Momma said something about "see you next week" -- I have to go through this again??

Sunday, July 09, 2006


No catnip for a week!

all just because I snuck outside...but Momma says that outside isn't nice and there's lots of scary things for little kitties like me. I didn't see any!

she also said somethin' 'bout a flea spray or flea bath from a V-E-T this week if I got anything from when I went out. or something called frontline.

bath. I don't like the sound of that.


I got out!!! Made a break for it this morning...those big green hedge-thingys make me sneeze, though. And the grass was wet. The birds were too high up. Momma quit calling for me and I think she left, so I came out and hid under the neighbor's red car.

It was so cool! All the smells in the air and then I heard a woofer. Then Momma came back and saw me, but I was too smart. I just stayed there under the car and stared at her while she uselessy called me. And then her hand came from behind her back--

she had my bear!!!

I love my bear! I looked at him but she didn't seem to be mistreating him, so I stayed where I was. But then she started shaking him and I got worried.....stupid, stupid! I was so worried about my bear that I forgot and slowly came forward to make sure he was ok (I was gonna grab him and go back under the car) and then she scooped me up and brought me back inside.

I begged and begged Momma, but she wouldn't let me back out, says I'm an "indoor kitty".
but it smelled so WONDERFUL out there! revenge...I'm running around the house like a crazy kitty...ha!...and attacke the newspaper so she couldn't read it...ha!..

uh oh...what does "grounded" mean?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Look what I did!

I had to patrol a couple weeks ago....seems there's a strange kitty trying to take my guard spot by the door at the top of the stairs. Well of course I had to check it out...

Now you see it.....

Now you don't...that's what you get for trying to take my spot!
hmm...maybe I should check out those other creatures...

Ha! Sucker! This is my spot!

well, the weird pink ones seem harmless, why does the one keep smiling at me? It likes being knocked around?

uffff! It's too tall...oh, well, it doesn't seem to be a real kitty-- no threat here.

Ha ha! I did it!! And he's much bigger'n'me, too!
(the black blob is my tail, it got in the way when I took this pic.)

I showed him who's boss!

Awww, Mom, now I have to do it all over again!