Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm thankful for.....

1. My mom and dad who love me and gave me a home

2. Bottlecaps to play with

3. Food!

4. Birds and squirrels to watch in the window

and....most of all......

The Blurpy thing is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!
(more on this later tommorrow, no one's home today for me to use the computer)

Thursday, November 23, 2006


strange stuff going on around here....the TV was on earlier for something called "Macy's Parade"-- it was fun chasing the big yellow bird on the screen! Then stuff got moved in the living room and mom started cleaning!!-- I found my missing bottle-caps when she was doing that..but then the carpet monster came on and of course I went down to the basement where it couldn't get me and played. Now mom is peeling some things called potatoes and people are supposed to be coming over later......I will try to do more updates!!


Mom let me go outside and get the paper!!! It's furry cold out right now and there's this white stuff on efurrything-- what's that? Oh.....Mom says it's called "frost". I had to stop and investigate of course, this frost stuff is kinda wet but it makes efurrything smell different and sound different, too. Wow, this day is starting out great! Gotta go eat some breakfast now, I'll try to post again later today, but if not...Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 13, 2006

window problem

See the red box? That's my window-seat. Normally, it's against the window, but lately Dad has been snatching it to use as a foot-rest because "that's what an Otto-Man is for" and then later Mom has to put it back by the window. But now there's something new...
it was like that overnight..for the adhesive to stick better...

then this foam was put on top of it, which I promptly took a bite to taste it.
(if you click on the picture to biggify, you can see the corner I bit and the piece of foam in my mouth......that Mom took from me *sigh* how's a guy supposed to learn anything?)

then a cover was put on it and I was dropped onto the cover (it's sheepskin)

Ok, ok, I'm sitting on it! Can you put away the flash-box??

Then I wouldn't stay on it, so Mom tossed my Bear to get me up there...

which I promptly took off and put on the couch and I settled on the floor underneath...

Then she tossed Bear up there again!

*sigh* I like my Otto-man...not sure about the new, now I can feel the cold air thru the glass.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Last present

This is the last present I got from Mom & Dad's trip (abandonment)...I was excited at first because it had a mouse on it! ooo, goody, something to chase! And it says "Walt Disney World" on it. If they've got mice, I wanna go next time!

Here I am checking it out...

then I thought it was a string toy- so I started chewing on it.

They tricked me!!! I'm not wearing nuffin'! Nope, no how, no way get it off!! (I was still chewing on the strings)

*sigh* ooo, there's somethin' at the window

stupid....dang....thing....but at least I can still reach the string to chew it!

ooo, hey, look at the birds outside!

Hat? I don't care what it's called, you're not getting it on my head-- and so far, they haven't. They can put it 'round my neck, but I'm not letting it on my head! Nuffin's gettin' put on my ears!

Leaf day

Yesterday was furry fun. Mom put on a show for me and I watched from the back and front windows- she made all the leaves move!! She had this noise-thingy and blew all the leaves into piles in the back and then in the front yard moved them all the way to the street! (not on the street) It was furry interesting to watch-- noisy, but fun.

And today, Dad went outside, too. He had this biiig blue thing that he put on the ground and then stood on it and then Mom had the leaf-blower and blew all the leaves in the backyard onto it and then Dad took it up front to dump with the other leaves by the road. This went on several times and was great fun to watch.

Friday, November 03, 2006

White outside

Something happened last night-- it's cold sitting in the window now and outside it's all white! Mom says it's this 'snow' stuff efurryone talks about (she also said something 'bout puttin' on a leash and lettin' me try it out...I'm not sure about that). The other day was real neat-- things were blowing all ofur the place! I kept jumping on the window trying to chase stuff, but none of it came in. The trees on our street lost all their fur (well, mostly..the one in our yard still has lots of leaves on it).

Some more catching up-- I got presents when Mom & Dad came back after their vacation (aka, "The Abandonment"). One was a new mat for my food dishes, here's a picture below. (click to biggify)

I'm not sure about the kitty with the biiiig smile, he's kinda freaky.

Then there's this thing-- I don't think I'm supposed to know about it yet- somethin' coming up soon called "Christmas"...but I smelled catnip!

Now Mom'n'Dad are talking about something called 'Thanksgiving'-- and there's a lot of food involved! That sounds like a furry good thing to me!

And I will try to get my beans to put their funny fur back on, maybe they will be in a silly mood this weekend and if I use my "kitten look" they won't be able to resist! hmm..purring would 'probly help, too.

Oh-- and isn't it annoying that the "remember me" for the sign in doesn't actually work!! (except when posting pics with picasa)