Friday, June 30, 2006


It happened again!! Momma went into the bathroom this morning and I followed her in and super-speeded up to jump to the window using the fuzzy cover on the loud whoosher. BUT...!!....she didn't stop at the sink like she usually does- she kept going and went to the whooser and lifted the fuzzy cover at the same time I jumped and MY LEG GOT WET!!!! least I have fresh food now....gonna take out my anger on my bear cuz Momma had to leave for "work" so I can't jump her now.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Moses kitty's Bean's granfather

(Mad) Moses, who introduced me to all of you, has some bad news. Momma said his Bean's granfather passed away Tuesday night (she wouldn't let me get on here yesterday because of all the flashes and thunder-rumblies). Moses' Mom, Amy, says that his Dad (Matthew) is taking it really hard.

Our purrayers are wif him in this time of sorrow.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


This template makes me look better, I fink. I look like my ak-shul black, gray & white instead of brown.

My momma & dad saw Wicked on Saturday! I wanted to go wif them, but they said I couldn't go cuz I'm too little yet and Momma said she doesn't need me getting any new ideas from the show, I'm "wicked" enuff already (what? because I like..yummy...hands!?) I like listenin' to the cd-- 'cept I have to chase the kitty in the speakers when it plays- and they said the show was efun better! "Elphaba, let the girl and her little dog, Dodo, go"'s named Toto? Well, I fink 'Dodo' is a much better name for a woofer!

I asked momma where it came from and she said it was in-spy-red by the 'riginal Wizard of Oz. Are there any cats in it, Momma? There is?! A cowardly lion?! I don't fink I wanna see that then. Stupid bean to put a scaredy-cat in it......but he's gets brave later? and saves the small girl bean? Oh! That sounds much better!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


This was s'posed to be the furst picture for "helpin' Dad" post, but blog wouldn't load it...

Make sure you type it right, Dad. What was it again?
Oh, yeah. www dot stock- oh, you've got it bookmarked?

Monday, June 26, 2006

helpin' Dad

Pick that one! You want to buy that one!
Trust me, I'm a kitty. We know these things.

What happened?? Dad, what'd you do?
We were doin' some im-portant stuff! LOAD!!

What's this called?

Hey, that kinda looks like me!

What? We're done wif the "work stuff"

Sunday, June 25, 2006

grass eater

there's a loud thing outside that keeps moving back and forth -- it's a big grass cutter thingy and needs a Bean to push it....maybe it really doesn't want to eat grass?

ooo! there's a bunch of them on the street...all with Beans pushing them! they all make different roary noises, too!

Friday, June 23, 2006

behind on posting

'kay, Momma says I have to quit chasing the white thingy on the screen so she can type for me, so I'll just sit on her lap and supervise!

I pounced on her feet Monday morning and then into the kitchen so she'd feed me, cuz that's important! but she went into the bathroom instead. So I zipped in after her and raced to the whilte loud-whooshy thingy and made a flying leap for the fuzzy cover on it and IT WASN'T THERE!!! I landed in......WATER!! Luckily, I reversed-jumped out and made it out of there before it chased me, but my paws were wet and a little bit of my belly. Momma was laughing!! The Dad forgot to put the cover back on. Can you believe it? She laughed!

whooshy water tastes yucky.

Tuesday I got squirted with the water bottle...can I help it? I'm a meat-eater!...fleshy, pink..wriggley...hands...

Wednesday & Thursday the computers stayed off because it was raining all day and there was Loud Rumblings and Light Flashings! It was neat to watch-- good thing the rain knows to stay outside!

Sorry I haven't written a while, but things should be better now!! Momma's 'puter crashed last Saturday and Dad's been workin' on making her a new one for her. Dunno how it could've crashed when it doesn't go anywhere- humans are weird. But he took it apart-- I helped!! and got some new parts and put together a whole new one...I've got a of catching up to do, so I'm writing a furry long entry for Momma to enter when she gets home from work.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The long-awaited pics!

These are from Nemo's first night home (5/29/06) and taken with the cell phone (he's black & gray, not brown). All the excitement of the day wore him out-- first the cookout and then realizing he was staying!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

took a trip

I took a trip tonight! Momma picked me up and tooked me to her car cuz it needed to be fed. I sitted on her lap and she turned this shiny metal thingy and then there was this loud noise! She said it was the n-jin and not too be scared. I wasn't. I looked out the window and it was dark out, then we started moving backwards! I stayed on her lap and we moved forward for a while then came to a stop and there were other big things crossing in front of us, it was exciting! Then the big things quit moving in front of us and we turned onto another street and went to a place with a sign that said "BP" and parked it next to a tall thingy, and then it was light cuz the place was lighted up and I could see better. Momma got out of the car and I went to the window and watched her, she put this tube in the car's mouth to feed it.
That was boring. So I explored the 'car' --somehow got stuck on the door. Heard a thump and a clank and then Momma came back in the car and started it up again. This time I stayed in the seat next to her, but peeked out the window and we went back to the house. The big woofer next door wasn't outside, he's big and scary! Momma said he's called a Saint can something that big be called a saint???

and back in the house I discovered there's another cat! It lives in the tv speakers and every time I pass by to see if it's gone, it's checking me out! It's a dark cat, but must be scared cuz it never comes out-- I do a good job of guarding! *sigh* I just wish I could get in there to show it who's boss...but everytime I run up, I bump my head on the speaker- Dad says it's a plastic cover...well, if I can get it off...then all fur-gloves are off!

uh oh?

Momma said something 'bout getting a spray bottle to teach me some manners, cuz she's tired of using nee-o-spor-in every night and says her hands, legs & feet look like she walked through a briar patch. uh oh. Should I be worried? Hey, can I help it if my ancestral insticts keep taking over? Every time I see that pink...meat...skinny..wiggling......have to pounce & bite it! And I'm supposed to do my kitten jumping and not use her? Can I help it she sits in the way and is the perfect jump-helper?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

a fish?!

I'm named for a fish??!! Daddy came up with it -- something about "we have to keep finding nemo" - like it's my fault they're too big to fit in all the places I can go or something. I'm a feline- they don't need to know where I am all the time, that's my business to know where they are, I have no problem finding them. I was ok with it, 'til I was searchin' the 'net and discovered that it's a FISH!!!!

..a fish with a cat-curious personality, maybe..but still....a FISH!!!

have to give momma points, though--- she tried to get it changed...Macavity sounded neat....Munchkin sounded like a snack...and O.G. sounded good (short for "opera ghost", cuz I keep disapearin' 'n' stuff..again, so what? I'm a cat, that's what I do..oh, and freakin' people out, too-- apparently, that's what this "Phantom of the Opera" does..sounds like a cool character). Then they said "Nermal" -- 'cuz I look like him and act like him-- cute li'l gray & black kitten that gets into trouble....hey!..oh, and bugs someone called 'Garfield'.

although momma said that maybe when I get bigger I could be "Captain Nemo" and they'd get me my own ship so I could conquer the world (and eat fish!)..that sounds like fun, so maybe Nemo isn't that bad after all...if I get my own ship.

Oh- and thanks to Moseskitty for spreading the word and thanks for all the friendly welcomes!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

ketchup is not good


is cold...and.....worst of all...WET!!!!

I was playing on the soft one's lap last night (my people's names are mommy/Shawna and Greg) while they were watching something called Guarding Tess on the TV (it's fun to chase the moving thingys on it) when I hear her say, "Did any of the ketchup get on you?" Of course I ignored it as her hand moved and I jumped on her shirt to get it and then..YUCK!!! my whole leg was cold & wet! I jumped down and limped into the kitchen to wash it off.


p.s. pics will be put up if I stop jumping at the camera *g*

Saturday, June 10, 2006

i'm online!

just created...they don't know I'm on the com-whatever this is called, it's a big word....gotta sneak away now...more later!